Cafe Pergolesi "Coffee House"
418 Cedar St,
Santa Cruz CA
(831) 426-1775
Open 7 AM to 11 PM every day.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi

Fastest Free WiFi Anywhere!! - 6 Mb/sec download speed

Caffe Pergolesi offers FREE WiFi access to our customers from every room in the Café and from every deck  on the outside seating areas, including the bathroom. Come and log-on to 80211g at 54 Mbs of DSL Ė  for Free!! You can relax at your computer, log-on, and surf to web for a multitude of reasons  like studying, research, email, games,  reading blogs, shoppingÖ. well, you get the  idea . If you want to surf the web faster try our famous Double Mocha, Double Latte or the finest fresh brewed organic, fair trade roasted coffee.

All you need to get going is a computer and a wireless card and you can log-on instantly. We have plenty of power outlets if your battery gets low too. Our WiFi is supplied through Cruzio. Cruzio is the fastest growing internet service providers in Santa Cruz and they offer many more services and products . Check them out!

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