Cafe Pergolesi "Coffee House"
418 Cedar St,
Santa Cruz CA
(831) 426-1775
Open 7 AM to 11 PM every day.

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Art Showings

Santa Cruz is known for it's leading edge art scene and a place cultivating the forefront of the art movement.  Being few art galleries in Santa Cruz, many good artists are unable to display their works locally.  At Caffe Pergolesi, we decided to host a venue where local street artists and art majors from UC Santa Cruz could have a place to show their art. 

Each month we feature a new artist and display their work in each of the four rooms we have at the cafe.  Each artist displays a short biography, contact information and their story on art.  In addition, each artist labels the art work with the name and price, if for sale, of each piece displayed.  New artists hang their art work the 15th of each month.

The art ranges from oil on canvas, acrylic, and water color to 3D forms, alternative mediums and photographs.  When selecting artist for displaying their work no censorship of content is used.  This gives a very interesting mix of culture, message and feeling in each piece of work.

Come by and check out some of the newest, cutting edge, cultural art in town, if not the country or view the art work in each room below!

Current Artists Showing:
Click on the Door below to view the Art

Walter AlterBrian McIntyre Karl Heiman
      Joseph Cahill Wessel

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