Cafe Pergolesi "Coffee House"
418 Cedar St,
Santa Cruz CA
(831) 426-1775
Open 7 AM to 11 PM every day.

Free WiFi

Welcome to Caffe Pergolesi!

At Caffe Pergolesi, we strive to maintain a friendly environment where anyone can come in to relax, read, study, or just socialize. We put great effort into making and selling the best coffee, espresso, pastries, and food in a friendly and culturally diverse atmosphere.

We hire local coffee "Baristas" who know the coffee business and the customers, while making the best coffee drinks around. Many of the baristas are long time locals, creative students attending either UC Santa Cruz or Cabrillo College.

Caffe Pergolesi is a turn-of-the-century Victorian Coffeehouse radiating lots of old world character. The four rooms in the coffeehouse include the Lobby, Blue Room, Green Room and the Orange Room. Each room has ample seating for reading, conversation, work or studying and also displays one of the four local artist’s works.

The yard of the old Victorian is filled with garden seating where you and your friends can enjoy the sun and fresh ocean air. Several picnic tables and a dozen small tables are scattered through the sunny garden setting.

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